LU’s College of Engineering hosts largest career fair to date

Lamar University's College of Engineering hosted its largest-ever Engineering Career Fair, welcoming over 80 prominent companies. This event provided students unprecedented networking and career insights.Career Fair Engineering

Alumni recruiters, now working for leading companies, returned to offer guidance. Their presence showcased the strong sense of community and the value of a Lamar University engineering education.

In addition to returning recruiters, many new companies joined the career fair, including FieldCore, a GE company.

“This was FieldCore’s first time attending the LU Career Fair and we were pleasantly surprised at the quality of potential candidates. We are already planning on becoming familiar faces and extending our brand recognition at LU,” Brian David, FieldCore employee said. “Overall, we enjoyed how prepared the potential candidates were. I was really impressed with the number of students who asked for feedback on the aesthetics and content of their resumes. We found several potential candidates, and many have already followed up with me personally by email.”

Students had diverse industry interactions from energy to technology, with opportunities for internships, interviews, and insights. The air prioritized dynamic exchanges over resume submissions.

“I found many potential companies that I look forward to discussing with them about the opportunities to assist my future success in my career,” Crystal Likevoang, senior mechanical engineering student said. “They provided me with the resources to build my career path to apply online and stay in contact with them through LinkedIn for any openings.”

The event featured workshops and seminars to enhance students' professional skills, reinforcing the college's commitment to career preparation.

“The experience is a wonderful opportunity for your future career and a great jump start to help build your options for different industries and options for you to explore and make connections to help build your network with companies' employees for guidance in your career,” Likevoang said.

This historic career fair solidified Lamar University's reputation as an engineering talent hub and left a lasting impact on students and the campus community.

Photos provided by Josh Wilson